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The search system is designed to help in searching for any mp3 multimedia files from the GurbaniVichar.com website. There are two ways you can use the search tool. The first and most desirable by some people would be to use it to find multimedia files by its "Kirtani". The search tool already has a pre compiled list of all the kirtanis whose media has been uploaded on this website. So in order to search for a particular kirtani, you can make use of this list. Here are the steps you should take to accomplish this:

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The second method is to search for matching kirtani's for example you may like to search for all the multimedia files from kirtani's whose name contains the given letters. This method produces results from multiple matches. Below are given the steps to explain it further.

This will take you to the page where all the multimedia files will be listed whose kirtani's names matched your search query.

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All the MP3 files that are available on this website are posted in their respective albums and volumes. Playlists in an M3U format has been put together for all of these albums and volumes to help visitors to listen MP3 files on your chosen media player. You can download these playlists, which are compatible with any media player and listen to the MP3 files on your convenience. MP3 files are downloaded at the time of listening so you do not have to wait for the whole MP3 file to be downloaded first in order to start listening. You can download these playlists from each individual album or volume such as Bau Ji's talks, Samagam releases, Kirtani releases etc. A page has also been put together to list all the compiled playlists available on this website, you can visit that page by clicking on the following link: www.gurbanivichar.com/multimedia/displaylists_m3u.php

The above link has all the playlists used in the Online Media player and also the listing used to extract search results for mp3s using the search facility in the website. Please click on this link View the XML Lists Portal to view the page.

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